Business Card Journal

Dear Members:

To add to this year's dinner’s fundraising success, we are compiling a business card journal. We are asking you to help by soliciting business card ads at a cost of $100 each, in addition to your personal gift to the Scroll of Honor. It’s really very simple. Think of the businesses that you and your family utilize, such as: landscapers, doctors, cleaners, carpenters, mechanics, hair salons, painters, florists, etc.

We have put together a Google sheet with a list of vendors who have already received solicitation letters, but need follow up phone calls. This list is only the beginning. We need you to add to it so we can ultimately achieve our fundraising goal of $60,000.

Available here for download are two important forms for your use: a solicitation letter, and a solicitation card.

We are asking each member family to bring in three business card ads, which has the potential to produce $25,000 in revenue.

As an added incentive, If you bring in five business card solicitations, you will receive a free dinner ticket.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us for help. We want you and our shul to be successful!

Thank you,

Ilana Bernstein (ilana.bernstein79@gmail.com860-922-0448) and
Helen Loew (helenloew@yahoo.com860-233-4583)
Business Card Journal, Co-Chairs

Wed, December 13 2017 25 Kislev 5778