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Sunday --------------- 8:15 AM

Monday - Friday ---- 7:00 AM

Mincha Maariv:

Right before and after Sunset  -- at the Young Israel all winter

(See this table for weekly winter Mincha Maariv times)

Shabbat (see weekly bulletin)

Moving forward, our Shabbat Sign Up will only open on Thursday. This will allow us to make an informed decision as to the weekend’s weather and allow to decide to plan for either an outdoor or indoor minyan. Our plan is to continue to utilize our outdoor minyan space for as long as possible – provided the forecast is above 45 F and does not call for precipitation. Please be sure to carefully read the time and location of the minyan, as it has the potential to change each week

Weekday minyan too will continue to operate outdoors, weather permitting. We ask that you please sign up in advance with the recognition that we will convene inside if weather conditions require.

New indoor guidelines & modifications are listed below and are available here. Additionally, revised outdoor guidelines can be accessed here. Please review and familiarize yourself with both of them!

We want to also highlight one additional, significant change, specifically. Due to physical distancing requirements, we have been forced to greatly reduce the number of usable seats when we are in the sanctuary. We can only seat 20 pods and roughly 30 individuals per service. To give as many people as possible the opportunity to daven in shul on Shabbat morning, we have added an overflow sign up. If enough people sign up in this section, then we will have a second shabbat morning minyan. We can only permit those who have signed up online, prior to services, to enter the building. By the same token, if you sign up – please be sure to come!

Minyan Guidelines

Rev. 3/12/2021

Please note that everyone must decide what makes sense for their own health. Our goal is to create the safest protocol we can for returning indoors while recognizing that we can never eliminate all risks.


With Pesach on the horizon and the number of vaccinated individuals on the rise, we have reviewed and updated our COVID-19 minyan attendance guidelines for both indoor and outdoor minyanim.

General Guidelines

1.    All attendees must be in good health. Anyone who meets any of the following conditions will NOT be allowed to attend any minyanim inside or outside:
            a.    Illness for you or household members within the last 14 days.
            b.    Close contact with person with COVID-19 in the last 14 days 
            c.    Mandated quarantine as per CT State Guidelines. (Please see below for additional guidelines for travel and out of town                         visitors).

2.    Masks that cover both the nose and mouth must be worn at all times, both in the parking lot/minyan space and any time in the building.
            a.    Masks with valves are not permitted. 
            b.    Children: 
                        i.    For indoor minyanim, only children aged 2 and up who can both:
                                    (1) remain by their parent’s side 
                                    (2) wear a mask the entire time on can attend
                        ii.    For outdoor minyanim, children of any age are welcomed to our outdoor minyan, provided that they can stay with                                 their parents the entire time and not roam the parking lot or minyan space. Children above the age of 2 must                                           wear a mask even outside.
            c.    No children nor adults may remove their masks to eat or drink while in the building.

3.    Proper physical distancing must be observed at all times.
            a.    When outside, chairs setup in advance may not be moved. 
            b.    When inside, sitting is only permitted in designated seating areas. Please do not adjust the chairs, taped barriers, or                               signs. 

4.    Restrooms - Both bathrooms will be available for use. Please note that only one person may be downstairs at a time. There will be a “Bathroom in Use” sign in the main lobby at the top of the stairs or on the outside door. Please turn the sign to the appropriate side when going to/returning from the bathroom.

5.    Minyan Sign Up - Anyone who wants to join one of our minyanim must sign up online in advance. 
            a.    Please sign up if you wish to attend and please be sure to attend any minyan you signup for. It is imperative that                                     participants be punctual.

6.    All minyan attendees must immediately notify Rabbi Brander or our COVID-19 Medical Task Force should they become ill or diagnosed with COVID-19. This information will remain anonymous but will be used to alert other minyan attendees of a potential COVID-19 positive contact. 

7.    To ensure our communal safety, no private minyanim will be allowed. One who attends such a minyan will be barred from attending minyanim at the Young Israel.

Travelers & Visitors

1.    A visitor or traveler is defined as a shul member, guest or visitor to our community who has traveled outside CT, NJ, NY or RI for more than 24 hours.
            a.    FOR OUTDOOR MINYANIM ONLY, in addition to the health requirements above, any member visitor or recent traveler             may attend minyan provided they meet the CT State Guidelines found here: 

            b.    FOR INDOOR MINYANIM, in addition to the health requirements above, any member who has recently traveled or                         visitor may attend if:

                                    •    If the travelers are vaccinated (ie. they have had two weeks since receiving their second Pfizer or Moderna                                                 shot OR have had 4 weeks since receiving the J&J shot), they may attend immediately. There is no need                                                     for any testing after travel.

                                    •    If the travelers are unvaccinated, they must have a negative result from a COVID-19 test (rapid or PCR)                                                      taken 5 days after returning to CT. 

We understand that real life scenarios do not always line up with written guidelines and that a measure of common medical sense can be incorporated into each situation. As such, we have set up a system to discuss question and individual circumstances. Please email and a member of COVID-19 Medical Committee will be in touch.

Sun, May 16 2021 5 Sivan 5781