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FAQ - Young Israel of West HartfordFundraiser and Reverse Raffl

Here are some of the Frequently (and I mean frequently) Asked Questions that I have been answering about the Young Israel of West Hartford's Fundraising Benefit and Reverse Raffle.

When is the event?
Sunday June 2, 21019 and it's at 6:00 PM at Thomas Hooker Brewery in Bloomfield

How much does an event ticket cost?
$50 each (or there are event tickets included in the sponsorship levels) and this includes, an upscale BBQ and an outrageously fun and funny game of Panoply.

What's Panoply?
Panoply is a game played in groups of 8 or 10. Each team works together to answer questions in several different categories. We don't want to give up too much here, but trust us, you'll have fun, and it won't be where you just sit down and guess the answers. You'll be using all 5 senses!!

What's a REVERSE Raffle?
Picture this: there's a big jar of raffle tickets - for the sake of this example let's say there are 200 tickets in this jar. You are the proud owner of 3 of those ticket stubs.
The raffle ticket picker picks the first ticket, you anxiously read the numbers on your ticket stubs.
Here's where it's not like any other raffle....
You look at your ticket stubs because YOU DON'T WANT YOUR NUMBERS CALLED.
In fact, you don't want your numbers called until the END of the drawing.
You want one of your ticket numbers to be the last one called because you want to win the Grand Prize - which in our Reverse Raffle is $3,000.

That's it? No more prizes?!
No, of course not, what fun would that be?
We have all sorts of prizes to give out:
1) Gift Cards to Barnes'n'Noble and Pires Jewelers
2) A free hair cut from Bob the Barber
3) A bottle of wine from Harvey Liquors
4) Swim Lessons from Phyllis Ulreich
5) A Spring Cleaning and Organizing Gift Basket
6) A gift basket filled with Israeli Beauty products from Judea/Samaria
7) A family outdoor adventure gift basket, including a good-for a 1hr double tandem Dayak rental at Collinsville Canoe & Kayak rental on the Farmington River, 4 passes to the Natural History Museum at White Memorial Foundation Center in Litchfield, 2 Mira Double Chamber water bottles and a large family-sized fanny pack.
8) and much more more!

What's this Early Bird Challenge I've been hearing about?
If you purchase your ticket before Friday, May 17 - this Friday, then you have a better chance of getting one of your tickets to be the last ticket called.
The way this works is that on Friday, we will put all the tickets into a jar and ONE lucky winner will be called.
That Early Bird Winning Ticket will be held out from the grand drawing until the end.
Meaning, at the event we will put all the tickets into a big jar (all the tickets except for the Early Bird ticket) and pick out tickets one by one. When we get to the point where there are 20 tickets left, THEN the Early Bird Winning Ticket will be put back in for a new and better chance to be the last ticket picked.

What are the sponsorship levels and what do they include?
Platinum Sponsor - $5,000 - includes 6 event tickets and 6 "Reverse Raffle" ticketsGold Sponsor - $2,500 - includes 4 event tickets and 3 "Reverse Raffle" ticketsSilver Sponsor - $1,000 - includes 2 event tickets and 1 "Reverse Raffle" ticketsBronze Sponsor - $500 - includes 2 event ticketCopper Sponsor - $360 - includes 1 event ticket

Where can I make my donation?
To purchase a sponsorship, an event ticket or Reverse Raffle ticket go to:

If this is all too confusing for you and you just want to give money to the fundraiser, make a payment here:

What if I have more questions?
More questions? No problem -- just emailed me at


Ilana Bernstein
Vice Coordinator & Event Chair, Young Israel of West Hartford

Mon, February 24 2020 29 Shevat 5780