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Rabbi's Corner

Those of you who were in shul on the first day of Sukkot heard me introduce our shul to "The Shabbos Project."

The Shabbos Project is a worldwide social movement aimed at getting the maximum amount of people to observe Shabbat on one particular week - October 24/25 2014. It is being spearheaded by the Chief Rabbi of South Africa who had great success with it last year. It has been adopted by the OU and RCA and NCYI as well as so many other organizations and shuls spanning 350 cities in 38 countries. Its slogan is "Keeping it Together."

I am asking everyone in our shul to do two things:

1) Invite someone who would not otherwise be having a Shabbat meal to join you for a shabbat meal on October 24/25th (and possibly invite them to davening in shul if you feel it would be appropriate). We all know someone who would not be having a Shabbat experience: A neighbour, a friend, a relative, a colleague, a student, a doctor or accountant or lawyer or store manager whose services you make use of or anyone else you can think of!

2) Make an effort to come to shul that Friday night and Shabbat morning to make sure we have a nice crowd and nice feeling in the room. Make sure to go over and greet any guests or strangers and make them feel welcomed.

I will be following up with each of you next week to see if/who you have invited to your home.

Click here to see some sample materials to use at your shabbat table top help explains some of the halachot and customs that many of us take for granted, but that our guests might never have seen.

Thanks for taking part in this exciting and important project which is just 1.5 weeks away!

Please be in touch with any questions you might have.

Rabbi Brahm Weinberg

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