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Chulent Cook-off 2024

Do you make the best chulent? Enter our 6th Annual Chulent Cook-off and vie for the coveted GOLDEN LADLE!!!


The Rules:

  • Entries can put in as an individual or team.
  • We will provide basic shared ingredients for all entries including potatoes, onions, garlic, beans, barley, regular stew meat, salt, pepper, paprika and ketchup.
  • Each team is entitled to purchase additional ingredients to be used in their chulent. Any additional ingredient must come in sealed, new and bearing kosher supervision -- to be checked before used. (Please consult the cRc kosher list or Rabbi Brander for any questions).
  • All preparation will be done at the Young Israel with Young Israel equipment on the Friday prior. 


  • Competitor sign up deadline is Monday February 12th.
  • Each entry will be assigned either round one or round two. 
  • The winner from each week will advance to the finale along with last year's Golden Ladle recipient. 

The Actual Competition:

  • Everyone is invited for Shabbat Kiddush (around 11:15 am) on Feb. 17, Feb 24, and March 2 to taste and vote for your favorite chulent!!! 

But What IS Chulent?

Chulent (sometimes spelled cholent) is a traditional slow-simmering Sabbath stew in Jewish cuisine that was developed by Ashkenazi Jews consisting of potatoes, meat, barley, beans and onions. It was 'invented' as a way of both enjoying fresh hot food on Shabbat day while not violating the Biblical prohibition of cooking on the Shabbat. For some, chulent is the aroma of nostalgia; others, it is the food of heaven. It has been called the taste of tradition and faith. For us, it is an event that brings our community together!


If you have any questions please email

Cost:$18.00 to compete
Sponsorship Levels: 
  • Potatoes $18.00
  • Spices $36.00
  • Meat $54.00


Mon, July 22 2024 16 Tammuz 5784