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Dear Friends,

     As the calendar year draws to a close, we have the chance to look back over the past year and give thanks for the incredible opportunities and successes we’ve shared. Whether welcoming dozens of new families or inaugurating exciting new programs, 2017 has proven to be a year of dynamic growth, development and accomplishment for our Young Israel of West Hartford.

     Of course, none of this would be possible without the generous support of friends and donors like yourself. Because of your generosity, we are able to continue to do the sacred work that is at the core of our shul.

      At the same time, dues and fundraising events only cover a portion of our budget. The continued financial, and by extension spiritual, success of our shul has always been secured by a group of dedicated members and friends who, on top of their regular dues and participation in annual fundraisers, decided to make a multi-year commitment of support as part of a special “Strength-to-Strength” campaign.

     As our membership continues to grow, our programs continue to expand, and the needs of our Young Israel’s operations continue to broaden, we are shifting our “Strength-to-Strength” campaign to a new enhanced membership dues structure for friends and members of our Young Israel called the Chazak Society.

     The funds from this expanded friend and membership structure will go toward the many events and programs at the Young Israel of West Hartford including continuing to build our youth department, adult education program and other events as well as continuing to bring world-class Torah personalities to our community. Additionally, the funds from the Chazak Society help us meet our growing staffing needs, including hiring a youth professional and a general operations administrator.

     There are numerous levels of participation available in the Chazak Society for both full members, associate members and friends of the Young Israel. 

Chazak Society for Members
(each level below includes full membership)







$ 5,000


$ 3,600


$ 2,500

Chai Plus

$ 1,800


$ 1,630/Family      $905/Individual



Chazak Society for Friends &
Associate Members
(each level below includes associate









     All generous participants in the Chazak Society will be recognized regularly in published synagogue materials (unless there is a specific request for anonymity) including the annual Yizkor Booklet, Fundraiser and Young Israel Marketplace. Additionally, the Benefactor, Patron and Builder levels will also receive 2 high holiday seats. 

     We hope everyone will have the opportunity to participate, at a level that meets their capabilities and level of dedication to our shul, in this new Chazak Society to be included in helping make our aspirations for the future a reality.

     We hope you will consider joining at the level that feels right for you. Please contact Zev Davidovics, Sid Perew or Rabbi Brander if you have any questions and to join the Chazak Society.

      As the end of the year approaches and a new tax year begins, this may be your last opportunity to itemize a donation to the synagogue as a tax deduction.

     Thank you for your commitment to our Young Israel of West Hartford.


Sid Perew, Treasurer

Zev Davidovics, Coordinator


Sun, June 24 2018 11 Tammuz 5778