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Third Annual Young Israel Chulent Cookoff

Saturday, March 16, 2019 9 Adar II 5779

All DayYoung Israel of West Hartford

Third Annual

Young Israel Chulent Cookoff

March 16, 2019


Do you make the best cholent in West Hartford?
PROVE IT. Join our cholent cookoff!

How will it work?

The Young Israel will supply basic shared ingredients (potatoes, onions, beans, barley, regular stew meat, salt, pepper, paprika and ketchup). At the same time, each team can purchase additional ingredients to be used in their chulent. These ingredients must come new, sealed and bearing supervision (please consult the CRC list or directly with Rabbi Brander if you have any questions) to be checked before use. (If purchasing these ingredients poses any financial hardship, please be in touch with Rabbi Brander)

All preparation will be done with the Young Israel’s equipment at the Young Israel on Friday afternoon, March 2. (If this time does not work for you, alternate plans can be arranged; please contact Eric Maurer at

On Shabbat, everyone will get a chance to sample the different chulents and vote for their favorite. The best chulent and team will be crowned champion and will be present with the “Golden Ladel” Award. 

Great! So how do I get in?

To enter, fill out the form below and submit your $36 fee either by check or credit card to the Young Israel. 

There is a limited number of crockpots and a limited number of entry spots. To compete in this event, it will be first come first serve. Please RSVP by March 6, 2019.

More Questions?

For questions or more information, email

May the best chulent win! 

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Tue, June 25 2019 22 Sivan 5779