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Sunday --------------------- 8:15 AM

Monday & Thursday ----- 6:40 AM

Tues., Wed., Fri. ---------- 6:45 AM

Mincha Maariv:

Right before and after Sunset  -- at the Young Israel all winter

(See this table for weekly winter Mincha Maariv times)

Shabbat (see weekly bulletin)

Minyan Guidelines

Rev. 11/24/2021

General Guidelines


  • In light of the rising COVID-19 numbers in our area, we will be reinstituting the wearing of masks in indoor spaces for all individuals (ages 2+) regardless of vaccination status effective immediately.

  • Those speaking from the pulpit, leading davening from the amud or leining atop the bimah can remove their mask if they choose. Additionally, in a revision to previous guidelines, children 2 and under are welcome to come to Shul at the discretion of their parents and provided they are well and, of course, have not had any exposures. 


  • Seating in the sanctuary will be unassigned and unrestricted.

  • Individuals/family pods are requested to leave a space between themselves and any other individual/pod/family.

Physical Plant/Other

  • The backdoor and windows will no longer be left open.

  • The A/C will continue to be switched to ON to enable constant air flow and filtration.

  • Outdoor minyanim will be held at the discretion of the President, Rabbi Brander and Gabbaim.

We anticipate further updates to our protocols in the near future, so please make sure to look for Young Israel of West Hartford emails. Thank you for your continued patience during this time. We are all anxious to see an end to restrictions of any kind.

We understand that real life scenarios do not always line up with written guidelines and that a measure of common medical sense can be incorporated into each situation. As such, we have set up a system to discuss questions and individual circumstances. Please email and a member of COVID-19 Medical Committee will be in touch.

Sun, November 28 2021 24 Kislev 5782