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Communal Jewish Resource

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Supportive Jewish Infrastructure

Our community is blessed to have vibrant and supportive umbrella organizations.
Plus, our community has all the important social support agencies including
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The Jewish Community Center

The Mandell JCC is a state-of-the-art fitness center, exciting programs and of course a kosher cafe!!

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Eruv, Mikveh and More!

West Hartford has all the essentials for vibrant Jewish living. We have:
  • A large Community Eruv maintained by the West Hartford Eruv Committee under the rabbinic guidance of Rabbi Tuvia Brander.
  • A community Mikveh -- Mikveh Bess Israel -- which provides the entire Jewish community with a safe and sacred space for immersion for women, men and utensils.
  • A community Chevra Kadisha
  • Community Yadei Chesed Organization

Bakery at the Crown Market

Kosher Food

The Essentials
Big Y and The Crown Market & Cafe both feature kosher bakeries, kosher butcheries and kosher delis as well as a wide variety of other fresh and frozen kosher products.
Dining Out
Don't want to cook? Get fresh pizza, sushi, or sandwiches from The Crown Market & Cafe. You can also undo your workout at the Mandell JCC's Cafe J, which features both a dairy and vegetarian menu.
Celebrating a Simcha? Make it a gala event with local catering from The Crown Market & Cafe or Yosi Kosher Catering.



Jewish Newspaper

The Jewish Ledger is Connecticut's only weekly Jewish newspaper. It was founded in April 1929 by Samuel Neusner and Rabbi Abraham Feldman.


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