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Minutes of Mishna

In the run-up to Shavuot -- the holiday we celebrate the receiving of the Torah --  and during these extraordinary times, it is our great pleasure to present the Minutes of Mishna initiative!  

Our goal is to study and complete the entire tractate of Chagigah ahead of, in preparation for, and celebration of Shavuot!

Never studied mishna nor completed a full tractate? Now is your chance. This is for beginners to advanced learners and everyone in between! 

Join Rabbi Brander day by day as we navigate mishna by mishna the entirety of this tractate. Follow along at home with any English or Hebrew Mishna (or really in any other language). You can also find all the Mishnayot online on Sefaria (Click Here)

Questions? No problem, just email Rabbi Brander at

What to dedicate a mishna in memory of a loved one, in honor of someone or something special? Just reach out to Rabbi Brander at

Week 4

Scroll down for Week 1-3


1.14 Mishna 3:1-2


1.15 Mishna 3:3-4


Week 3

Scroll down for Week 1&2


1.11 Mishna 2:4


1.12 Mishna 2:5-6


1.13 Mishna 2:7


Week 2

Scroll down for Week 1. 

1.6 Mishna 1:7


1.7 Mishna 1:8


1.8 Mishna 2:1


1.9 Mishna 2:2


1.10 Mishna 2:3


Week 1


1.1 Introduction and Mishna 1:1


1.2 Mishna 1:2-3


1.3 Mishna 1:4


1.4 Mishna 1:5


1.5 Mishna 1:6


Thu, June 20 2024 14 Sivan 5784