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The purpose of our Kiddush Program is to make the process of sponsoring kiddush easy and attractive for members of the community to share a special occasion, remember a loved one, or any other reason!

  • How do I request to sponsor a kiddush? 

1. Please email with the date you would like to sponsor kiddush. 

2. The shul administrator will reply to your email to verify the date is available and schedule your kiddush on the shul’s calendar and instruct you to complete the ‘Kiddush Customization Form’ below. After submitting the completed form, the Kiddush Sponsor Liaison will be in contact with you to confirm the details and the cost of the kiddush.

All Kiddush Sponsorships must be requested at least a week before the date of the kiddush.

  • Payment for Kiddush
    Sponsorship payments may be made online, or via check, and should be received by the synagogue office a week prior to the kiddush. Checks should be made payable to Young Israel of West Hartford, with ‘Kiddush’ in the memo.
  • What is included in a Sponsored Kiddush?
    1. Sponsors may choose from three Kiddush levels - details of each are in the table below.Preparation - setup, cleanup
    2. Preparation, setup, and cleanup
    All paper/plastic good. 
    Any specialty paper goods should be provided in coordination with the Sponsor Liaison
    Procurement of food.
       - Your choice of ‘Add-On’ items, listed below, will be coordinated with the Sponsor Liaison and purchased through the  
         Kiddush Committee. No food will be served at a Young Israel Kiddush that is not purchased by the Kiddush Committee.

  • Kiddush Co-Sponsors:
    Kiddush may be co-sponsored, at the Enhanced or Deluxe level.

  • Catered Kiddush: 
    If you are planning to have a catered Kiddush let the administrator know and be sure that your caterer is one approved by the Rabbi. A $300 facility fee will be charged to cover use of the kitchen, tables and chaises and cleaning of the social hall. You and/or your caterer is responsible for providing all the food, beverage and paper goods as well as taking responsibility for all set-up, cleanup and excess garbage removal. A mashgiach must be present if any foods will need to be warmed. 

  • Alcoholic Beverages:
    Alcoholic beverages are not included in any kiddush packages. Sponsors may donate alcoholic beverages to the Young Israel for kiddush. All alcoholic beverages must come sealed, must conform to the guidelines outlined in the CRC Liquor List and be confirmed by the Rabbi. Please note that we do NOT serve any alcohols matured in sherry, sauterne, port or other wine casks or those with special “finishes” or multiple “maturations” that include wine.

  • Food Allergies/ Restrictions: 
    Young Israel Kiddush may include foods with allergens, if you have a specific dietary restriction, e.g. gluten-free, peanut-free, etc., please inform the kiddush liaison when in communication about your preferences. 


    Kiddush Levels and Add-On Options:

  • Additional add-ons are $150 each.
    *Choose 2 from Add-Ons List is only included for the Deluxe Level Kiddush
    **Sponsors who choose the Enhanced level sponsorship can choose to add to their kiddush from the list of add-on options for $150 extra per option. The Deluxe level includes two add-on options of the sponsor's choice.**

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