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Scrip Program

 With every purchase you make using Scrip or “Shop with Scrip” a percentage comes directly to the shul. These contributions range from 2% to as much as 16% of the amount of your purchase. There are a number of ways you can make money for the shul just by shopping at your regular merchants:

  • Buy SUPERMARKET CARDS ($100 cards for Big Y, Crown, ShopRite & Stop & Shop)
  • Buy RELOADABLE CARDS for such items as clothing, gas, drugstores or coffee
  • Purchase wedding gifts or Chanukah gifts by buying gift cards
  • Use “Scrip Now” for some of your clothing, household, or gift purchases

Debbie Luger is the Coordinator of the Scrip Program. Your scrip earnings are individually tabulated through her scrip system. She can be reached at:            (860)233-0300 or at Please feel free to be in contact with Debbie with any questions or for help getting set up online.


BIG Y: 5% rebate

SHOP RITE: 5% rebate

STOP & SHOP: 4% rebate

CROWN: 3% rebate (crown cards can be refilled in the store with a credit card)

SHOP WITH SCRIP (the Online Program)

Use the web site for buying gift cards, refilling already purchased cards, or “instant scrip” to use immediately. Rebates from 2% to 18% depending on the merchant.

Lastly, thanks to the generosity of our member David Rosen – you can earn 5% rebate on all transactions through GOLD TRADERS- AND THE DIAMOND SHOP

Grocery scrip is available for the following supermarkets:

Big Y The Crown Supermarket ShopRite
5% back to YIWH 3% back to YIWH
5% back to YIWH
Stop & Shop    
4% back to YIWH )  


Shop with Scrip (the Online Program)

The online Shop with Scrip program is easy and it works!  

How to Enroll in the Shop with Script Program

1. Visit and create an account. Please contact Debbie Luger to get our enrollment code to link your account to the Young Israel of West Hartford.


2.Once you've enrolled you will have three payment options:

§ Option One: You may choose to enroll in PrestoPay™, which will enable your scrip purchases to be automatically deducted from your checking account for a $0.15 convenience fee per transaction. PrestoPay™ uses the safe, reliable NACHA electronic fund transfer system. Your personal banking information is and always will be confidential and will never be visible to Debbie or anyone else.

§ Option Two: You may choose to pay by personal check made out to YIWH for your scrip purchases. All checks must be submitted to Debbie.

§ Option Three: you can now pay by credit card by choosing that option at checkout . Visa & Mastercard are accepted.

§ Rebates are not impacted—earnings are credited the same way as using presto pay. There IS however a 2.6% fee added to your order each time to pay with a credit card. YIWH does not pay a fee. Credit Card payments are processed immediately.

As you navigate the website, you will notice a shopping option called ScripNow! This allows you to purchase an ecard for your immediate use. You may print the ecard for use either online, take it to a retailer or generate the bar code on your cell phone. This cannot be payed for by check or through a bulk order by the organization.

For Questions or instructions re scrip orders of any kind:

contact Debbie LugerHome: (860) 233-0300 Cell: (860) 655-8478

Feel free to call or email to arrange a pick up. Debbie is also happy to deliver your cards to you!



Thu, June 20 2024 14 Sivan 5784