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  • Saturday
    Feb  9
    Dor L'Dor Family Learning Program
    Motzei Shabbat, Feb 9th 6:15p to 7:15p
    Join us for an hour of study with your child/ren or grandchild/ren! Bring something to learn on your own or explore our library of family learning options! Each session will be followed by exciting food and awesome prizes. All children there by 6:20 will receive a 2nd ticket in the evening's raffles.
    Sponsored in loving memory of Dr. Al and Helen Weisel, who dedicated their lives to Jewish education, by their family.


  • Wednesday
    Feb  6
    Ethics, Morality and the IDF: The Challenges of Being a Moral Army
    Wednesday, Feb 6th 12:00p to 1:00p
    with Israeli Security Expert Jordan Herzberg


  • Tuesday
    Feb  5
    Track Two Diplomacy
    Tuesday, Feb 5th 7:00p to 9:00p
    Go behind the scenes of the Syrian and Palestinian peace negotiations.


  • Sunday
    Jan  27
    Women's Megillat Esther Reading Wokshop
    Sunday, Jan 27th 10:00a to 12:00p
    Want to learn to read the megillah? Need to brush up on your skills? Like to take your reading to the next level? Want to be part of this year's readers' picture? Join us for a women's only Megillah reading workshop with special guest Davida Kollmar. Davida Kollmar is a Masters student at NYU pursuing a degree in Data Science. Davida is a graduate of GPATS, Stern College for Women, and Nishmat's Shana Ba'Aretz program.
    For more information or to RSVP, please contact


  • Saturday
    Jan  26
    Movie Night: The Little Traitor
    Motzei Shabbat, Jan 26th 8:00p to 10:30p
    A coming of age tale of the unlikely bond between a kindly British soldier and a spirited Jewish boy set against the backdrop of the birth of the State of Israel.
    Admission is free; Refreshments


  • Saturday
    Jan  19
    Dor L'Dor Family Learning Program
    Motzei Shabbat, Jan 19th 6:15p to 7:15p
    Join us for an hour of study with your child/ren or grandchild/ren! Bring something to learn on your own or explore our library of family learning options! Each session will be followed by exciting food and awesome prizes. All children there by 6:20 will receive a 2nd ticket in the evening's raffles.
    Sponsored in loving memory of Dr. Al and Helen Weisel, who dedicated their lives to Jewish education, by their family.


  • Saturday
    Dec  22
    Dor L'Dor Family Learning Program
    Motzei Shabbat, Dec 22nd 6:15p to 7:15p
    Join us for an hour of study with your child/ren or grandchild/ren! Bring something to learn on your own or explore our library of family learning options! Each session will be followed by exciting food and awesome prizes. All children there by 6:20 will receive a 2nd ticket in the evening's raffles.
    Sponsored in loving memory of Dr. Al and Helen Weisel, who dedicated their lives to Jewish education, by their family.


  • Saturday
    Dec  15
    Kabbalistic Art Experience
    Motzei Shabbat, Dec 15th 7:00p to 9:00p
    A hands-on evening of art with special guest artist David Friedman from Tzfat, Israel.
    David Friedman developed his own original system of translating kabbalistic concepts into graphic shapes and colors based mostly on Sefer Yetzirah (the Book of Creation), but also inspired from other texts. He has exhibited his work in North America and Israel and his artworks can be found in many homes and collections around the world.


  • Sunday
    Dec  9
    Night at the Improv Chanukah Event
    Sunday, Dec 9th 7:00p to 8:45p
    Featuring an Outrageous Latke Bar & the Sea Tea Comedy Improv Team
    Co-sponsored by Naomi & David Rosen in memory of David's father Harry L. Rosen z'l, Tzvi Hersch ben Yisroel.


  • Friday
    Nov  23
    Turkey Bowl Flag Football Tournament
    Friday, Nov 23rd 12:30p to 2:30p
    Bring Friends!
    Must be at least 12 years old to play
    RSVP/Questions? Eli MORE INFO



Do you have questions that you have always wanted to ask but never had the opportunity? Always wanted to ask but were afraid to? 

Join us Shabbat Morning, September 22nd, for a special Q & A sermon! Ask the questions you have always had but never had the chance to ask. Submit your questions ahead of time and submit them anonymously if you wish.



DONATE or BUY TICKETS to the Siyum

Join us as we honor two incredible couples who's impact has been felt across the Greater Hartford Jewish Community
Daniella & Rabbi Avi Robinson
Elisheva & Zev Davidovics
Sunday, June 10, 2018 at 4:15 
Temple Beth El
2626 Albany Avenue
West Hartford, Connecticut

In the lead up to our Annual Fundraiser, Young Israel of West Hartford is coming together to collectively study all twenty four books of the Hebrew Bible.  The Siym and dinner is a celebration of this achievement as we honor the Davidovics and Robinson Families' dedication to Torah learning and Torah values which are at the core of our Young Israel community.


Ever study the entire Bible? Curious about some of those more obscure books? 

The Young Israel of West Hartford is embarking on a campaign to complete the entire TANACH for our annual event June 10!

Want to take part? No problem! SIGN UP HERE

As we lead up to this Siyum Tanach, Celebration for the Completion of the Bible, we will be devoting classes and our Shavuot learning to exploring different aspects of our Tanach!

Shabbat 5/5: Extra-Biblical Flood Accounts and a Message from the Biblical Flood by Dr. Deena Grant

Shabbat 5/12: Jerusalem: Now & Then - An Exploration of the Archeology of the ancient city of Jerusalem by Rabbi Tuvia Brander

Shabbat 5/26: Explorations in Samuel by Tsion Cohen




Click Here for the full Shavuot 5778-2018 Schedule

With Some Many Different Exciting Programs Happening...

Join Us and Let's Learn Some Torah Together!

The Tikun Leil Shavuot Program

UP ALL NIGHT SHAVUOT - The Teen Tikun Leil 

Parent & Child Learn'n'Dinner

Shavuot BBQ Luncheon






Check out this year’s Young Israel of West Hartford Pesach Guide. It’s packed with important Pesach tidbits, our Pesach schedule and  exciting information about upcoming Pesach programing all happening at Young Israel!



Need to Sell your Chametz?

Rabbi Brander is available to become your agent to  selling your Chametz at the following times:

  • After morning minyan Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays beginning  3/22.
  • Thursday Evening, 3/22, 7:15 PM – 8:15 PM
  • Sunday Morning, 2/25, 9:00 AM – 10:15 AM
  • Sunday Evening, 3/25, 7:30PM – 8:30PM
  • Wednesday Evening, 3/28, 7:25 PM – 8:25 PM

Forms can be downloaded here or found in the Young Israel lobby.

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Sofer Sign Up Here


Get your Mezuzot and Tefillin check! Purchase new Mezuzot! Click the sign up link above. 

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Shatnez Checker Sign Up Here


Shatnez Primer

High Holiday Seating Reservation Form

High Holiday Packet 5778



Shabbat Shuva Sermon:

U'Netaneh Tokef: The Story Behind The Story

Shabbat Shuva • September 23, 2017 • 5:15 PM



Join us for this end of the summer gathering, see old friends and welcome new ones...

and don't miss our very own Young Israel Mini Golf Course!

Event Flyer

Click here to see our 3 Weeks and Tisha B'Av Guide and Schedule


Click here for the full Shavuot 5777/2017 Schedule

We also are excited to welcome our Shavuot Scholar-in-Residence, Rabbi Yosef Bronstein. 

Rabbi Yosef Bronstein resides in Washington Heights, NY with his wife, Batya, a psychologist, and children, Talya and Yehuda.  He is a professor of Jewish Philosophy at Yeshiva University’s Stern College for Women and Isaac Breuer College of Hebraic Studies Honors Program where he spreads his passion for the philosophies of Rav Kook, Rabbi Soloveitchik and the Lubavitcher Rebbe.  In addition, he is pursuing a PhD in Talmudic Studies at the Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies. He received semikha from RIETS, an MA in Talmudic Studies from Revel, and completed RIETS Wexner Kollel Elyon.  While in Israel, he studied at Yeshivat Kerem B’Yavneh, Yeshivat Har Etzion and Merkaz HaRav.  Most importantly, his favorite color is purple.

Every year as Pesach rolls around we are faced with same challenge: Can we reenact redemption? Can we feel redeemed? What does that even mean?


Join us this Shabbat HaGadol at 6:00 PM as we examine the mode of redemption buried in our seder in the hopes of understanding redemption in 2017.

Prepare for Pesach!



Five Easy Steps!


Step 1 - Review the wine list from Skyview and make your choices.

Step 2 - Write your selections on our order form & fill out the Matzah order form.

Step 3 - Bring your completed forms & checks to YIWH or 37 Miamis Road

Step 4 – Pick up your wine and matzah orders

Step 5 - Slowly savor the wine and enjoy a joyful Pesach


Of course, don't forget to join us for an fine evening of wine tasting and cheese as well as a special presentation by Rabbi Brander entitled "How To Choose The Best Wines For Your Seder"This Saturday night, 3/18, at 8:45 PM at the Kesler Home (24 Westwood Road). 

Of course, don't forget to join us for an fine evening of wine tasting and cheese as well as a special presentation by Rabbi Brander entitled "How To Choose The Best Wines For Your Seder?"! This Saturday night, 3/18, at 8:45 PM at the Kesler Home (24 Westwood Road)

Questions ? Contact Steve Luger (

Purim 5777 @ Young Israel

2017 Purim Flyer

Submit your 5-minute-or-less Purim shpiel as a video or live show script to by Mar. 5.  All submissions must reference the Young Israel of West Hartford at least once.  Please contact Eli Aroesty at with any questions.


We are extremely excited to host Rabbi Dr. Sharon Shalom for the Shabbat of March 3 & 4. We will have the opportunity to hear from him a number of times over the weekend including Friday night at a special Friday night dinner at the Young Israel, after minyan Shabbat morning and in a special session Sunday morning with the Federation at the JCC. See below for a full schedule and topics! 

Please join us! For more information, please contact Lauren at 


Friday, 3/3, Shabbat Dinner & Oneg

Israeli Society: Does Fear Trump Love?

5:30 PM Candle lighting and Kabbalat Shabbat services at Young Israel of West Hartford

6:45 PM Shabbat Dinner (by reservation only)

$22/adult, $15/child, children under 3 are free; space is limited

Dessert and Community Oneg with Rabbi Dr. Sharon Shalom: ~8:00 pm

Shabbat, 3/4, Morning Sermon 

An Insider Look At The Israeli Rabbinate: Challenges & Opportunities

Sermon by Rabbi Dr. Sharon Shalom after services at 11:00am (approx.) followed by Kiddush.


Sunday, 3/5 

From a Dream to Reality: Ethiopian Aliya In Israel

Community Program with Ethiopian-Israeli Rabbi Sharon Z. Shalom, Ph.D.: 10:30am

RSVP to Stacy Jennings at or 860.727.6130




Bio: Rabbi Dr. Sharon Shalom

Born Zaude Tesfai in a small village in the Tigre region of Ethiopia, Rabbi Sharon Z. Shalom was nine years old in 1984, when he embarked on a 1,500 trek without his family, to the Sudan, a journey that was to bring him to Israel, during the airlift mission, Operation Moses.

Given a new Hebrew name and grieving for his family whom, as he was told, had died on the way to Sudan, Sharon Shalom went to live at the Emunah Children’s Centre in Afula, a residential home for immigrant and at-risk children. Emunah Afula was his home and haven for the next four years. His family, by the way, had miraculously survived, although Sharon would not hear this incredible news for more than two years after making Aliyah.

In coming years Sharon Shalom, would complete high school, study at Yehivat Har Etzion, serve in the army in the infantry officer, prior to gaining his BA, MA and PhD from the Bar Ilan University. The title of his doctoral dissertation is “Judaism of Faith? A case study on Theology of the Ethiopian Jewish Community Beta Yisrael”. Rabbi Sharon Shalom was only the second Ethiopian immigrant to receive semicha (ordination) from the Chief Rabbi of Israel, Yisrael Meir Lau.

Rabbi Shalom was 37 years old when appointed as the rabbi of the Kdoshei Yisrael Synagogue in Kiryat Gat, then made up of mainly holocaust survivors. Under his leadership Kdoshei Yisrael has become a vibrant community with members originating from Russia, Ethiopia, Morocco, Tunisia and of course, Israel.

Rabbi Sharon currently works as a faculty lecturer at both the Bar Ilan and Tel Aviv Universities. In addition, he is an inspirational lecturer and sought after speaker in Israel and around the world, and the author of numerous published articles.

In 2012 Rabbi Sharon Shalom published his original book From Sinai To Ethiopia: The Halachic World and Ethiopian Jewish Thought. The book includes “Shulchan HaOrit”, the table of light, a halachic guide for Beta Yisrael. This groundbreaking book, has generated much discussion, controversy and expansion of knowledge, and was republished in English in 2015. Rabbi Sharon is currently under contract with a leading Israeli publisher for an additional book, soon to be published.

Rabbi Sharon Z. Shalom is married to Swiss-born Avital, a social worker and art therapist. The couple live in the Southern Israeli city of Kiryat Gat with their 5 wonderful children - Roi, Nadav, Ziv, Gil and Tohar.

Do you make the best chulent in West Hartford?
PROVE IT---Join our chulent cookoff!
Go to

Just love Chulent?
Join us on Shabbat morning, 1/21, to taste test West Hartford's best Chulents!


Scholar-in-Residence: Rabbi Menachem Leibtag


Friday Night Oneg

7:45 PM at the Bruce home

116 Brewster Road

Who is Chosen, Who is Blessed and Who is Best?

Using Algebra to explain the complicated stories in Bereishit


Pre-Shacharit Shiur

8:15 AM in the sanctuary

in place of the Chayei Adam Class

What Mitzvot Did The Avot Keep?


Shabbat Morning Sermon

following davening

From Creation to Civilization to Revelation:

The meaning of Shabbat in light of Genesis


Shabbat Afternoon Class

during Seudah Shlishit

Stories in Breishit That Explain How & Why We Pray


It appears you do not have Adobe Reader or PDF support in this web browser. Click here to download the PDF





Kumzits & Selichot

Saturday Night, September 24, 2016
Kumzits: 12:20am | Selichot: 12:43am

Join us each night until Yom Kippur for Selichot at 9:00pm in the main sanctuary.  Check the bulletin for more details.

High Holiday Seating Reservation Form

High Holiday Packet 5777

It appears you do not have Adobe Reader or PDF support in this web browser. Click here to download the PDF

Join us this Sunday, September 11th, as we honor our local firefighters and express our gratitude for their heroic efforts that keep us safe and secure. 
Come and bring your children at 9:00 am to the Young Israel of West Hartford to create and decorate Thank You & Appreciation Cards for our local firefighters and join us at 9:45 am as we head over to Fire Station 4 (2460 Albany Ave) to show our appreciation. Feel free to bring baked goods or sealed treats to really brighten our firefighters’ day.
For more information, email us
You Are Invited
Tuesday, September 13th, from 5:15 - 7:15 PM to
Young Israel of West Hartford Membership BBQ
Join us for dinner, relax with old friends and make new ones! 
also featuring
our first YIWH Kidz Club event of the year
Harris In Wonderland's
  Exotic Animal Show 
6-7 PM
Free and Open to the Public! 
For more information, please feel free to contact

Click here to view the full Three Weeks and Tisha B'Av Guide and Schedule

Special Presentation

Purification & Preservation: Challenges of Ideology in the Israel Defense Forces Today

Rabbi Shalom Hammer

This Monday, August 8th, 6:45 PM at the Young Israel of West Hartford. Jointly sponsored by Young Israel of West Hartford and Beth David Synagogue. 





Shabbat Afternoon Class                                                                      5:00 pm     Mincha                                                                                                  5:45 pm     Regular Seudah Shlishit to be completed by                                        7:52 pm           Fast Begins                                                                                            7:53 pm  

Shabbat Ends                                                                                        8:37 pm      Maariv & Eichah                                                                                  9:00 pm       Please remember to wear non-leather shoes


 Shacharit and Kinot                                                                              8:30 am

Following our local recitation of Kinot, we will be connecting to the YU live stream of Kinot and their discussion presented by Rabbi Dr. Jacob J. Schacter

 Chatzot (Midday)                                                                                     12:56 pm  Early Mincha (Beth David Synagogue)                                                     2:00 pm

Tisha B’Av Film Presentations


4:30 pm – 6:15 pm


6:30 pm – 7:15 pm

  Mincha                                                                                                   7:25 pm   Maariv                                                                                                    8:00 pm         Fast Ends                                                                                               8:37 pm

Click here to view full Shavuot Schedule

Shavuot is here and there is a lot happening at Young Israel!

Come join us for a class or two or even the entire night! Don't forget to RSVP for our communal Shavout BBQ and of course, don't miss our exciting parent-child learning program and our special Teen Tikun Leil Shavuot

Tikun Leil Shavuot

Prepare to receive the Torah with a night full of learning, insights and yummy food. Beginning at 11:45 PM, join us for a series of stimulating sessions as well as a special Teen Tikun Program. See Shavuot Schedule for more details.

YIWH Communal Shavuot BBQ!

Join friends and family for wonderful BBQ Yom Tov lunch on the second day of Shavuot, June 13th. To sign up or more information, click here or email

Parent Child Shavuot Learning June 12th

Come learn Torah with your children as part of this annual Young Israel tradition. Materials will be provided for study with separate programs for 1-4 and 5-8 grades. Join us on June 12th, 1st day of Shavuot from 5:00-6:15 PM. A dairy dinner will be served.

Pre-Pesach Wine Sale

Four Easy Steps!

Step 1 -  Review the Skyview Pesach Wine Sale List and make your choices.

Step 2 - Write your selections on our order form and calculate total. 

Step 3 - Bring your completed form & check to YIWH or the Feldman Residence (46 Stoneham Drive)

Step 4 - Slowly savor the wine and enjoy a joyful Pesach

For questions, please contact Steven at

Purim 5776

An Evening of Discovery

Secrets Of The Bible
Unearthed At The City of David


The City of David is the site of hte most stunning archeological excavations in Israel, with discoveries tracing the history of Jerusalem over the last 4000 years.
Come and hear about the excavations and view genuine artifacts which are shocking the world with evidence of the Bible, and of the unbreakable ties between the Jewish people and the land of Israel.

Multimedia and Artifacts Presentation by Ze'ev Orenstein, Director at the City of David Foundation


For more info: Alex 617.833.9551

Friday Night Communal Chinese Dinner

Young Israel of West Hartford invites you to join us on Friday night December 25 for a Shabbat Chinese Dinner. 

Candle lighting and services will take place at 4:06 pm at the Young Israel (2240 Albany Ave.). Dinner will follow at approximately 5:00 pm.

The cost is $12.50 per a person with a family maximum of $55. There is no charge for children under 5.

Food is being catered from Kosher Express in Fair Lawn, NJ.

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Sun, February 17 2019 12 Adar I 5779