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WELCOME… the 5781 Simchat Torah Kibud Auction!

Like all things affected by COVID, our Annual Auction will also be slightly modified… but no less meaningful and important. 

This year, the aliyot take on even extra significance.  If you win the bid for either Hatan Torah (final Aliyah of the Torah cycle) or Hatan Bereshis (first Aliyah of the new Torah cycle) you will be representing the entire congregation.  Usually, every adult male gets an Aliyah… but this year ONLY ONE PERSON will have the Aliyah, filling that role for everyone… truly a magnified honor.

PLUS check out our newest honor!  Never before in the history of Young Israel of West Hartford has this opportunity presented itself.  It is, in no small way, impactful… mind-blowing… thoroughly empowering.  Read on!

OPPORTUNITIES ABOUND!  Bid early… bid often… make your mark on the coming year at Young Israel of West Hartford!

All bids will be first come first served.  BIDDING CLOSES Friday, Oct. 9 at 10 am!



Atah Hare’eta -- Lead the Atah Hare’eta both evening and morning. Always fun… always interesting!

Hatan Torah -- The final Aliyah of the Torah reading cycle. Represent the entire congregation for this pivotal and moving Aliyah. 

Hatan Bereshit -- The first Aliyah of the Torah reading cycle. Represent the entire congregation as we begin anew. So powerful and yours to own. 

Kol Ha-Nearim -- Like the Pied Piper of yidishkeit… lead the children in the once-a-year Aliyah dedicated to our in-house group of tomorrow’s Jewish Leaders!

Hatan Maftir --The last Torah honor during Simchat Torah. Receive the Maftir Aliyah and chant the Haftorah. You know you want it! 



With the following honors, not only will you be performing an amazing mitzvah, but you also get your name in the bulletin every week all year long! THINK POSITIVE! The more we commit to these honors, the more positive energy we put into seeing us through to the day we can all gather safely inside. That day is coming… help us usher it in!

Ner Le-Ma’or  -- Light bulbs for light in the shul. Look how long the lights lasted this year!! Turns out bulbs last longer if you don’t use them! 

Yayin le-Kiddush ule-Havdalah --Wine and Grape Juice for Kiddush and Havdalah. Think positive! Any day now, we could be gathering for Kiddush once again. 

Pat le-Orchim -- Rolls for the weekly Seudah Shlishit. Individually wrapped and placed 6’ apart. ‘Roll’ with the times!

Candy Person(s) -- Pass out lollypops in shul. Then, when the kids arrive, pass out some more.

Handy Person(s) -- Enhance the sanctity of our shul. Supplement the day-to-day maintenance of our building. Jews with power tools…what could possibly go wrong?

Good Humor Person(s) -- The good humor person brings ice cream and smiles to all the congregants during those warm summer months. It could be you! Truck and annoying music not included.

Kiddush -- Supplement those shul-sponsored Kiddushim! There’s a good chance your investment will go REAL far this year!

Se’udah Shlishit -- Help turn this weekly Shabbat Young Israel of West Hartford tradition into something more tuna-fishful. 

You-dah Person -- A reserved parking spot right next to the Rabbi’s for the whole year! As an added bonus, as long as we’re davening outside, parking will be inside the building. Take a left by the bimah. 

Kol Hakavod -- Every week, the synagogue president will give you (or the person you choose) a personal shout out during Shabbat announcements! This is only the 2nd year for an honor that brought good some variety and fun to… well, announcements.

BRAND NEW….GET OUT OF SERMON FREE CARD! How many times have you been in Shul and wondering whether there won't be a sermon… something that pretty much never happens! Well, with this honor, ONE TIME during the coming year, YOY MAKE THE CALL! You get to announce and share with the community those decisive 5 words, “We move directly to Musaf”! This is no joke!

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