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Dor L'Dor is sponsored in loving memory of 
Dr. Al  & Helen Weisel
אברהם שלום בן ניסן אריה ורייזע וגיטל חיה בת יוסף אברהם ועטיע
who dedicated their lives to Jewish education by their loving family.

Our Dor L'Dor: Family Learning Program has been providing children and families with a meaningful and exciting Torah learning experience for years now.

During a Dor L'Dor Weekend, families, parents, grandparents and children will receive educational materials to study together over Shabbat. These rich and interesting learning materials will have different tracks geared for different age-groups and will include a guide for adults to steer the conversation. These learning packets will be available for download here below ahead of each weekend. 

Each Dor L'Dor educational packet will be accompanied by some other collective event - whether it be virtual or in-person. Whether it be a glow-in-the-dark havdallah, Sunday Pizza & Prizes, Menorah Construction Contests or much more, we will still have incredible food, a raffle with fun prizes, and an awesome time. So, don't miss out!

This winter's Dor L'Dor weekends are:

Shabbat Chayei Sarah -- 11/19/22  
Shabbat Vayishlach -- 12/10/22
Shabbat Miketz-- 12/24/22
Shabbat Vayechi --1/7/23
Shabbat Vaera --1/21/23

Click here to access the Weisel Dor L' Dor learning packet archive

DOR L' DOR #5: 1/21/2023

DOR L' DOR #4: 1/7/2023


DOR L' DOR #3: 12/24/2022

DOR L' DOR #2: 12/10/2022

DOR L' DOR #1: 11/19/2022

Thu, September 28 2023 13 Tishrei 5784