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Mission Statement

Remarkable Tuition Initiative 


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The two schools have a long and storied legacy in the Central New England area. The Hebrew Academy of Greater Hartford was founded in 1940. Its legacy has impacted many generations of families and has become an integral and proud part of the Jewish community in the area. The Hebrew High School of New England was created to fill the need for an Orthodox high school in this region and first opened its doors in 1996. Since then, it has become a standard of academic excellence in Judaic and General Studies.

HHNE and the Hebrew Academy are looking forward to the next chapter in their history as the New England Jewish Academy, a preschool - 12th grade Orthodox day school that will help ensure the growth and vitality of the Jewish community in the area.

Mission Statement

The New England Jewish Academy Mission Statement
The New England Jewish Academy is a co-educational Nursery-12 Orthodox Jewish Day School serving Connecticut and Western Massachusetts.

Drawing from all segments of the Jewish community, the New England Jewish Academy prepares its students to think critically and creatively, to conduct themselves in accord with the highest ethical standards of our tradition and to live an engaged Jewish life in the wider world. We inspire our students to strengthen their commitment to our rich heritage and to fortify their bond with the Jewish people and Israel while recognizing their responsibility to American society and the global community. In an enriched and rigorous academic environment, we encourage exploration of Judaic and General studies through an individualized educational philosophy dedicated to developing each student's knowledge, confidence, and ability. 

Jewish Commitment: We inspire students to love Torah and Mitzvot, to cultivate a deep commitment to the Jewish community, and to develop a confident, knowledgeable Jewish identity.

Academic Growth: Using a highly individualized approach, we help each student reach his or her academic potential in both general and Jewish studies, striving to discover the optimal intellectual challenge for every child.

Derech Eretz: We nurture students to treat all people with dignity, respect, kindness and empathy.

Engagement with the World: We teach students to engage with the world around them as responsible citizens and in an open, productive manner that brings about a Kiddush Hashem (sanctification of God's name).

Chessed: We encourage students to give freely of themselves to make the world a better place and to internalize the character of gemilut chessed (kindness) as an essential aspect of their Jewish identity.

Israel: We help students form deep and abiding connections to the Jewish homeland.

NEJA: Exciting Tuition Initiative 



"The Mesopotamians built ziggurats. The Egyptians built pyramids. The Greeks built the Parthenon. The Romans built the Colosseum. Jews built schools. That's why we're still here, still strong, and still young while all those super powers in their day have been consigned to history." 
~ Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

New England Jewish Academy is extraordinarily pleased to announce an unprecedented tuition subsidy to assist parents in the Central New England region in giving their children an excellent Jewish day school education.

Thanks to the vision and generosity of Ann and Jeremy Pava, New England Jewish Academy will offer a transformative tuition subsidy for students from K-12. The tuition subsidy will provide an opportunity for students throughout the area to benefit from a Jewish day school that combines the highest quality education with an environment that nurtures the Jewish soul of each student.

"We genuinely believe that sending children to a Jewish day school is the most important decision parents can make," said Ann and Jeremy Pava. "We know that day schools immerse entire families in exploring our tradition and sacred values and enables a knowledge and understanding of Judaism that can never be replicated anywhere."

"We hope this gift will encourage enrollment by making day school tuition affordable and accessible to a broader range of families while also ensuring that our school provides an academic program of the highest quality."

             Levels of tuition for 2019-2020*

  • Grades K-1: $5000 (subsidy of $10,000 off the regular $15,000 tuition)
  • Grades 2-5: $7500 (subsidy of $7500 off the regular $15,000 tuition)
  • Grades 6-8: $9500 (subsidy of $7000 off the regular $16,500 tuition)
  • Grades 9-12: $12,000 (subsidy of $10,000 off the regular $22,000 tuition)

               *Does not include a mandatory registration fee of $500 per student

This tuition subsidy will remain in place for a minimum of five years.

For families requiring additional tuition assistance, the school remains committed to its financial aid program in order to make Jewish education affordable for all families. Please see the registration packet for the Hebrew Academy of Greater Hartford and HHNE (the two legacy schools) for details about applying for financial aid.

To supplement the Pava's extraordinary efforts to make day school education accessible to all, the New England Jewish Academy will run a concurrent Educational Excellence Campaign that will ask parents who can afford to donate back some or all of their subsidy for the purpose of directly enhancing the educational experience of their children. More information about the Educational Excellence Campaign will be forthcoming.

We are extremely grateful for the Pavas' continuing commitment to the Jewish community in our region and are equally grateful for the opportunity to provide a top-notch Jewish education to your children.

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