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We are excited to be bringing out a Sofer, a Jewish scribe, to service our West Hartford community. We will be finalizing the exact timing and duration based on the demand and expected workload. If you need a sofer to check a mezuzah or pair of tefillin or if you would like to purchase mezuzot, please complete the form below by Sunday, January 10th. 

Please note all charges and payments will be collected by and go directly to the sofer after services are rendered. Please DO NOT pay on our website.

   Mezuzah Inspection ($12.00)
   Tefilin Inspection ($105.00)
   Tefillin Sealing ($75.00)
   Klaf - Kosher A- 4" ($69.00)
   Klaf - Kosher Lechatchila B- 4.75" ($89.00)
   Klaf - Kosher Lechatchila A- 4.75" ($109.00)
   Klaf - Kosher Mehudar B- 6" ($159.00)
   Klaf - Kosher Mehudar 6" ($199.00)
   Klaf - Kosher Mehudar A- 6" ($299.00)
   Mezuzah Case- White Plastic ($2.00)
   Mezuzah Case- Clear Lucite ($5.00)
   Mezuzah Case- Aluminum Silver Sand Blasted ($12.00)
   Mezuzah Case- Aluminum Gold Sand Blasted ($12.00)


Mon, January 17 2022 15 Shevat 5782