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Twenty Minutes For Israel

Join on Zoom Mondays - Thursdays at 12:30 PM @

Trying to stay connected to Israel? Want to get a sense of what's happening on the ground? 

Join us at 12:30 PM each day, Monday - Thursday, for a 20 minute snapshot from Israel profiling different people operating on the ground in Israel and sharing their perspective on the mood, what's happening, what they are working on, and what we need to know here across the globe.

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TMFI Archive -- Click on any date to watch recording.

Week #1

Monday (10/16) - Daniella Robinson, Volunteer in Efrat

Tuesday (10/17)- Shira G., Logistics for Elite IDF Unit  (not recorded)

Wednesday (10/18) - Nathan Schachter, Jewish Agency for Israel

Thursday (10/19) - Sivan Mashiach, United Hatzalah of Israel


Week #2

Monday (10/23) - Tziyona Goldfischer and Jack Resnick, our students in Israel on a Gap Year Program.

Tuesday (10/24) - Yaffa Eisenberg for a view on the Home frontin.

Wednesday (10/25) - Yoetzet Halakha Dr. Judith Fogel of the Eden Center for an intimate perspective on home life. 

Thursday (10/26) -Yitzchak Brander & Natan Pollak,  the next generation, Israeli Youth who have sprung into action.


Week #3

Monday (10/30) - Chani Rosenberg, volunteer operation from Ramat Beit Shemesh

Tuesday (10/31) - Drew & Anat Rosen from @wingzisrael 

Wednesday (11/01) - Elianna Doron, IDF Soldier in active duty

Thursday (11/02) - Jesse Rosenblit, IDF Soldier in active duty


Week #4

Monday (11/06)- Aliya Moss, our student on Israel on a Gap Year Program.

 Tuesday (11/07)- Yoetzet Halakha Shiffy Friedman discussing campus life in Israel.  

Wednesday,(11/08) - Felicity Kay, content director for Israeli Spirit - Civilian Israelo Advocacy Center, the largest advocacy body in Israel.

Thursday (11/09)- Ora Schrier, educator in Israel.


Week #5

Monday (11/13)- Dr. Elissa Freedman, medical director in Beer Sheva, Israel.

Wednesday,(11/15) - Benjamin Snyder,  IDF reservist and West Hartford native.

Thursday (11/16)- Dr. Tali Porat, recent Olah from West Hartford


Week #6
Monday (11/20)- 
Tamar Schwarzbard, Head of Digital Operations at the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

Tuesday (11/21)- Gila Rockman, co-head of the Jerusalem War Room. 

Wednesday (11/22) -Yitzchak Spodek, former IDF soldier and soldier of recently fallen IDF Major Jamal Abbas z'l.

Week #7
Tuesday (12/12)- Dani Eisenstock; army father and IDF Reservist.

Wednesday (12/13)-Nataly Weiss; army wife and Director of IA for OU-JLIC Israel.

Week #8
Tuesday (12/19)- Yaakov Kessler -- Events Sales Manager at the Ramada Jerusalem Hotel.

Wednesday (12/20)- Yoni Brander -- Israeli Academic with focus on whats happening on campus in Israel and America.

Week #9
Tuesday (12/26)- Rabbi David Fine -- Dean & Founder, Barkai Center for Practical Rabbinics & Community Development

Wednesday (12/27)- Danny Gewirtz -- Yad Ezra V'Shulamit

Week #10
Tuesday (1/2)- Tamar Oderberg, attorney and women's advocate at Yad L'Isha (Ohr Torah Stone)

Wednesday (1/3)- Tamar Halpern, Psy.D, recent olah and mental health professional.

Week #11

Wednesday (2/7)- Chava Kleinman-- Director of Community Services, Shiloh, Israel

Thu, April 18 2024 10 Nisan 5784